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    Israa Nasir, MHC

    Israa Nasir, MHC
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    Israa Nasir, MHC, earned her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Adelphi University. She has training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from The Beck Institute, and is certified in Narrative Therapy. She has experience in working with clients managing a range of challenges, including acute crisis in hospital and community mental health centers. Israa’s therapeutic work is focused on supporting individuals managing major life changes and periods of transitions, including relocating, the pre-and post-phase of dating and marriage, and choosing a child-free life. Israa has a specific focus on identity formation and healing for the AAPI immigrant (first and second generation) experience; and how, gender identity, culture, and immigration-status interact with mental health and illness. Israa is supervised by Dr. O’Sullivan as she earns hours towards full licensure.