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    Yu Yan, PsyD

    Yu Yan, Psy.D.
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    Yu Yan, Psy.D., is working under the supervision of Dr. Helen Tam, PhD. 

    Specialties & Services

    I specialize in providing comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation for children and teens facing challenges related to ADHD, autism, and various learning disabilities.

    I offer personalized executive functioning coaching, designed to elevate organization, time management, and problem-solving skills for individuals seeking tailored support. Additionally, I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tailored to individuals from childhood through young adulthood.

    My approach is dedicated to meeting each person’s unique needs, fostering personal growth, and development.

    About Dr. Yu Yan:

    I chose psychology as my profession driven by a profound interest in unraveling the complexities of the human mind and a genuine desire to positively impact individuals’ lives. This field allows me to blend curiosity with the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to others’ well-being.

    I love connecting with people and exploring different cultures through food and literature. In addition, hiking is my go-to for finding peace and personal growth in the beauty of nature.