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  • About

    Mission Statement:

    As clinicians, our mission is to provide quality care to our patients through assessment and treatment by using evidence-based methods.  Our team of trained, compassionate, experienced clinicians specializes in areas that they are knowledgeable and passionate about so that we can promote positive, healthy change with clients and families.

    Vision Statement:

    Among all of our offices, our vision is to effect positive change in the lives of our clients by providing the same range and quality of services, which include psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessment, maternal mental health support, parent training, and executive functioning coaching.

    Core Values and Philosophy:

    We take ownership of our vocation, as we are all devoted to our field of work.  We value altruism, as we genuinely care for our clients’ well-being and see our role from a place of service while promoting positivity and mental wellness for our clients.  We do not believe in hopeless cases, but rather, individuals who have not found the method or approach that works for them.  We promote a culture of lifelong learning within our practice, as we apply methods that are evidence based and which demonstrate best practices.