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    Neuropsychological Assessment

    What is a neuropsychological evaluation?
    According to theĀ American Academy of Neuropsychology (AACN), a neuropsychological evaluation different from a psychoeducational evaluation because the psychoeducational evaluation looks at if there is a challenge with a basic academic skill, whereas the neuropsychological evaluation can provide information as to why there is a challenge. The neuropsychological evaluation is a more comprehensive evaluation that assesses functional skills of the brain that may be affected by brain injury, developmental problems, and medical issues. The neuropsychological evaluation can help to identify how a child learns and how challenges may be affecting the child in school, at home, and with peers by assessing a broader range of skills, as well as defining whether the expectations of the child is meeting their specific strengths and weaknesses. Skills assessed in a neuropsychological evaluation are often tailored to the referral concern, but generally include an assessment of cognitive, achievement, language, visual/motor, perceptual, learning/memory, attention, executive functioning, and social emotional skills, whereas a psychoeducational evaluation typically includes an assessment of cognitive, achievement, and social emotional skills.

    Our comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment assesses across 7 major areas, including:

    • Cognitive skills
    • Academics
    • Language
    • Visual / Motor
    • Learning / Memory
    • Attention / Executive Functioning
    • Social Emotional skills

    Some common conditions we see in our office include:

    • Learning Disabilities
    • Dyslexia
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Autism
    • Developmental Social Disorders
    • Secondary effects of Developmental Disabilities
    • Secondary effects of Brain Injuries
    • and related Special Needs

    We provide our Neuropsychological Assessment services to children as young as preschool and as old as college aged, and Autism Diagnostic evaluations.