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    Maria LaPorta, PsyD

    Maria LaPorta, PsyD
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    Maria LaPorta, PsyD, received her Doctor of Psychology degree from St. John’s University. Before pursuing her doctorate, Dr. LaPorta interned at the Albert Ellis Institute, a world-renowned training institute for a type of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, REBT. During her training, Dr. LaPorta gained experience working in public school systems, children’s psychiatric wards, and a college counseling center. She was awarded the departmental honor for “Outstanding Clinical Potential in Psychology”. During her post-doctoral education, she received specific training and experience in neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy with adults. In addition, Dr. LaPorta is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and is Board Certified in Biofeedback to provide clients with stress-reduction training for anxiety. Given her experiences, Dr. LaPorta now provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy to individuals from childhood through adulthood and adapts her approach to meet each unique individual’s needs. She also provides neuropsychological assessment services.