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  • Executive Functioning Skills Building

    Explicit Instruction & Coaching Around Executive Functioning Skills Development

    What Are Executive Functions?

    Executive functions can be thought of as the systems that help you organize, direct, manage, and integrate your various cognitive abilities in order to reach a goal. These skills include refraining inhibiting impulses, organizing and planning out one’s thoughts before acting, juggling multiple pieces of information at once, evaluating alternatives, switching course of action, and adapting your behavior in response to feedback.

    How Executive Functioning Coaching Can Help

    Children and adolescents who struggle with executive functioning skills development are at increased risk of challenges with productivity and independent problem solving. The goal of executive functioning coaching is to provide explicit, individualized instruction around your child’s various executive functioning needs, to learn how to use age-appropriate tools to make their lives easier, and to develop good habits to help them achieve their goals.

    What does Executive Functioning Coaching look like?

    Our program starts off with an in depth interview to evaluate your child’s needs. We then provide approximately 6-8 weeks of explicit instruction and lessons around executive functioning skills building derived from evidence-based models of executive functioning remediation. After that, we re-evaluate to ensure that progress had been made.  Thereafter, we transition to a maintenance phase where we work on helping your child maintain their good habits, develop goal-oriented persistence, and practice independent problems-solving skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When do problems with executive functioning arise? 

    A: An individuals executive functioning skills develop across childhood and into early adulthood. For individuals who struggle with skills development in this domain, difficulties often arise around major shifts around expectations related to independence in school (e.g., fourth/fifth grade, entering middle school, transitioning to high school).

    Q: When is a good time to start? 

    A: Kids already have enough homework as it is and we don’t want to add to their load! As such, we highly recommend engaging in executive functioning coaching during the school year so that we can actively apply these skills your child is learning to their actual assignments.

    Q: Are parents involved in the process? 

    A: This largely depends on the age of your child and their needs. Executive functioning strategies and techniques can feel onerous and tedious if you’re not already used to doing them, and so some children will require additional motivators/incentives to help encourage the use of these new practices and habits.

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