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    Christopher Tullo, LAC

    Christopher Tullo, LAC
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    Christopher Tullo, LAC, is working under the supervision of Dr. Maria LaPorta as he accrues hours towards full licensure.

    Specialties & Services:

    I work with children, adolescents, teens and adults. I enjoy working with people at every stage of life and see clients who are struggling with a variety of challenges such as anxiety, depression or OCD.

    I specialize in providing Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. I often work with boys and men who are feeling overwhelmed, have relationship troubles, harmful habits, or are feeling disturbed by powerful emotions. I work with them to learn about their emotions, the thoughts leading to their emotions, and how to develop effective coping and communication skills.

    I provide individual psychotherapy services for clients with mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, behavioral issues, men’s issues, peer relationship and school issues, self-esteem issues, stress management and other challenges.

    Christopher provides Cognitive Behavior Therapy in our Ridgewood and Hillsborough, NJ office, as well as virtually. 

    About Christopher Tullo:

    I decided to become a professional counselor after college when I realized how much I enjoyed learning about people and helping them grow. My friends, family and a career aptitude test all helped me realize that my strengths and gifts were best suited for being a counselor. I also knew deep down that no other profession would as fulfilling as being a counselor! After earning my masters degree from Seton Hall University I started working as a professional counselor and am now a proud member of the amazing team here at Trinity Psychological Services.

    I enjoy reading, hiking, board games and playing with my dog. I also enjoy cooking and learning about medieval history. My favorite countries to visit are ones that have castles and ancient ruins!