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  • Marissa Ross, LAC

    Marissa Ross, LAC
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    Marissa Ross, LAC, is working under the supervision of Dr. Catherine O’Sullivan as she accrues hours towards full licensure. Marissa received her Masters degree in Professional Counseling and School Counseling from Seton Hall University.

    Specialties & Services:

    I specialize in working with very young children (minimum age of 2) through young adults (20s and 30s) with developmental disabilities such as autism as well as those managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD, and behavioral challenges. I also provide parent training/parent support for those with children experiencing any of the prior listed challenges.

    I am primarily trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and behavior therapy. I use a combination of these orientations depending on my client’s areas of improvement and modify these approaches appropriately based on client’s age/cognitive level.

    Individual therapy, parent training/parent support, group therapy (coming soon)  

    About Marissa Ross:

    “Since I was a child, there has been one thing I have consistently loved: connection with others. I knew that no matter what career I had in the future, it HAD to be supporting others in a face-to-face profession that truly made an impact. My interests varied over time (in elementary school, I was convinced I would be a veterinarian-psychiatrist-teacher-therapist which probably would have had me in school for 1,000 years), but narrowing that down to teacher-therapist was solidified when I took my first full time job as a preschool teacher and social skills instructor after college. Being able to connect with children/teens and their parents, teach children/teens new skills to help them thrive not only in academics, but in their relationships with others, and be someone they could look up to in their hardest moments was and is a privilege like no other. I immediately set my plans to go to graduate school and have made it my life’s mission since to help our littlest ones through our young adults reach their full potential through patience, knowledge, understanding, and compassion. It might sound cliche, but I truly follow the motto “be the person you needed when you were younger” for all my clients as I have seen firsthand the power of what a strong support system can do for us when we are younger to shape us to be the best versions of ourselves as full grown adults.”I am very into leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle for both body and mind as I believe in practicing what I preach! Working out (specifically pilates/lagree and hiking) has always been important to me and I have recently been enjoying experimenting with fun, healthy recipes for cooking (and some yummy dessert ones). Reading for leisure and personal growth as well as spending time with my amazing family and friends are a few other things that make my life full. My family also has a rescue dog from Antigua, Bentley, and rescue cat, Ellie, who I also love to spend time with (and am not shy about sharing any fun pictures of them if you ask)!